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Personal Trainer in Sante Fe, NM

We offer Personal Core Fitness Training, Rolfing, and classes in Core Training. Come in and meet one of our personal trainer today!
Personal Trainer, Don Wolvington, Sante Fe, NM

Don Wolvington has been Rolfing since 1977 when he attended the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO.  After his certification, he moved to Portland, OR where he continued his practice until the sunshine of the Rockies lured him to Santa Fe in 1995. 

Soon he began personal training himself and felt the profond changes in his structure and realized the benefit his clients would get from core training in conjunction with Rolfing.  In 2000 he started Core Connection with David Henry. He is passionate about skiing and mountain biking.

Personal Trainer, Sahana Wolvington, Sante Fe, NM
Sahana  Wolvington has been training at Core Connection since 2005. After using core training to rehabilitate from a ski injury, she realized how beneficial this work is to change lifetime patterns of detrimental movement. She started teaching classes in 2006 as a way to reach out to more people. She loves gardening, skiing, hiking, playing music and reading.
Personal Trainer, Sahana Wolvington, Sante Fe, NM
Personal Trainer, Liz Karp, Sante Fe, NM

Liz Karp has been involved in the health and fitness industry since the late 70’s. She is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as an Exercise Specialist and The C.H.E.K. (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute of Core Training and Holistic Health as Exercise Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Coach 1, and is a licensed Massage Therapist (NM)

 Currently she is studying with world renowned Osteopath, Guy Voyer, in the SomaTraining program, in which she has completed the following courses: Myofascial stretching, Proprioception and Awareness, Periodization, Cardiovascular, Global Postural Stretching and Sauna, E.L.D.O.A. 1 and 2.

She has also taken NeuroKinetic Therapy level 1 and is currently working toward certification in tha modality. 

Liz has completed “Holistic Approaches and to a Fully Functional Gut” and “The World of Parasites, Fungi and Bacteria: how to deal with unwanted guests”, with Emma Lane, acknowledged as one of the leading experts on holistic health in Europe and the US.


 In 1989 she earned professional status as a female bodybuilder by winning the N.P.C. bodybuilding Nationals in the heavyweight division.


    Athletic and movement background includes:


  • Bodybuilding and strength training
  • Long distance running (competitive and recreational)
  • Cycling
  • Dance (modern)
  • Yoga (6 years study, 1st year teacher training)
  • Tang Soo Do Karate (red belt level)
  • Feldenkais ( 2 years in training program)
  • Equestrian


Programs are designed based on specific assessments of each individual's postural, lifestyle and health needs, time and energy constraints, as well as fitness goals. Emphasis is placed on achieving a higher level of overall wellbeing and striving to attain perfection of movement on all exercises and stretches.


You can access Liz  at

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(505) 780-0761

Heather Rider has been in the  fitness industry for over twenty years. Amongst her accomplishments in the fitness field, she has developed a very successful program specifically designed for women over fifty called Mellow Movement.  


Heather has worked at top gyms from New York City to Los Angeles


Heather holds a Masters Degree in Psychology with a focus on eating disorders and mind/body fitness. She has been a quoted expert and has designed workouts featured in magazines such as SELF, FITNESS, SHAPE, HEALTH. and MARIE CLAIRE. She has also been a Reebok University Master Trainer and is certified by ACE, AFFA, NASM-CPT, and ACSM. 

Heather is also trained in an Israeli martial arts called Krav Maga .  

She currently has a book in publication titled “Staying Fit and Healthy Over Fifty: A How To Exercise Book for Women”