Core Connection
2019 Galisteo St.  N-6
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Personal Core Fitness Training in Sante Fe, NM

Woman in Personal Core Fitness Training, Sante Fe, NM

The Personal Core Fitness Training at Core Connection was born from the idea that often, when people exercise, they exercise the muscles where they are already strong. If a muscle group becomes over-developed, a corresponding group can become weakened through lack of use and cause structural problems in the body as a whole. 


Our aim at Core Connection is to seek out the hidden weaknesses and design exercises that strengthen them.  The result is a development from deep within the body of inner core strength and stability.  This is often accomplished through using techniques and equipment that challenge a client’s balance while they are working out a particular muscle group.  In this way the body develops from the inside out, instead of bulking up on the outside.  This leads to positive structural changes that help prevent injuries, give a person a renewed vitality, and increases functional performance in any endeavor.

Man Exercising on a Ball, Sante Fe, NM
Woman Exercising on a Ball, Sante Fe, NM
Man Laying Back on the Exercise Ball, Sante Fe, NM